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Assistant Reading Pen Program

This project aims to provide assistance to a local preschool to improve K1 to K3 students’ language and reading ability.  Due to the pandemic, classes were canceled, and many children were forced to self-study at home.  This has significantly impacted students’ language and reading development.  In response to the negative impacts during the pandemic, our laboratory has partnered with a local preschool to provide aid in their Assistant Reading Pen Program. 


The Assistant Reading Pen allows students to listen to individual words and phrases of text aloud.  Students simply point to a word or line of text of the storybook and the assistant pen will sound out loud.   Our laboratory’s intern helps the school to pre-record storybooks in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.  Recording sing-along and vocabulary games, making self-reading a fun and interesting activity for students. 

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